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tackle hard tone rod on the fishline can buffer and protect propellant grains
时间:2019-06-15  author:admin  Read:139
      Fishing hand rod, most use a plain cloth with unsaturated polyester glass fiber composite, are commonly known as fiberglass fishing rod.Another kind is that the unsaturated polyester with the carbon fibre composite, carbon is referred to as a fishing rod.Due to the carbon fiber cloth of the selling price is far higher than the glass fiber cloth of the selling price, so the carbon rod to door are more expensive than fiberglass fishing rod.Carbon fiber strength than glass fibers of high strength but very light, made of glass fibre reinforced plastic hand rod with fishing rods in the same light intensity under the condition of some self - important, so he's competitive fishing enthusiast.

Tackle hard tone rod, with a moderately elastic drag forces created by the, the fishline can buffer and protect propellant grains, which in turn makes it possible to avoid tearing the snout with excellent fishing.Moderate tunability and can produce good touch, it is possible for the angler fish strolling adds to the fun.This is the one of the actual tonal Hand pole strength, refers to a complete unfolding of the hand rod, in the aft section of the horizontal holding state, by the sticks which can lift more weight, while that of the rod body, the multi - level degree of curvature.The larger the smaller the bending load of the fishing rod, the tonality becomes hard.

     In a fishing rod to be bent after the radian of the homogeneity of the fishing rod which comprises a curvature with a gentle transition of the state;To be the rod which comprises a curvature in a corner.Jointing - rod connected to the upper section of the interface.Socket wall thickness are the same, the flatness of the surface of a cross - sectional view of the socket, the plug section is reflected in the quality of the rod.Check the socket according to the method, the upper section is loosely inserted into the next section, this process cannot have sceezer sceezer unclampingphenomenon exists, should be the inserting is tighter.After the interface is not plugged in tightly, so that the jitter of the fishing rod with seamless feeling between chapters and not due to looseness caused by friction of the murmur.Pull out sections when vacuum sucking force of the larger, the plug - and - down the more closely.Fishing rod and insert the insertion section on the lower section of the length.Each section should gradually increase from top to bottom of the plug - in general the amount of the nose (rod) of the plug - in amount of not less than 6 cm.Usually the use of a section rod, from the start of the sticks which are inserted one by one, slowly and ensure that plugs into the bottom of the plug too quickly would accelerate the wear of the outer wall of the rod body; looseness.Each of the insertion section into place after insertion of the counter - clockwise direction it to slightly rotate the lock socket, the rotation angle is not too large, 5 degrees or so.Exit when it is rotated in the clockwise direction and then pulling on the unlocking section.Rod tip on the tip of the bonding of the soft tube for chemical fiber fabric (braid), for fixing the consequence will be significant.Buy a new fishing rod back to process after the end of her pigtails.From the pole tips at the end of her pigtails one centimeter long played as a Gordian knot, cut off the excess of the end of her pigtails with the lighter, and put the sausage end get hot, make it natural melting into a ball.This knot will not fall off again.Resistance to water and then with a quick - drying glue, at the end of her pigtails again at the original bonding points on the small drops of glue, and glue solution to end above the permeate, about 5 mm.The Halbach arrays, one is to reinforce the end of her pigtails with sticks of adhesive property, the second is to preserve the braid along the taper of the rod is not frayed.

But it is important to note is that the glue must less drops, if the braid was kind enough to take full immersion glue, the body becomes stiff, the fishing line at the end of her pigtails is difficult to be reined in the tight, used in volume that caused a large fall - off of the line.Insulating sleeve of an insulating, heat shrinkable rubber sleeve around the hand pole on the bottom to act as an insulator, commonly known as shockproof handle sleeve of the rubber sleeve.Purchase electricity - proof housing, better than fishing them out of about 5 cm in length, and thickness as appropriate.If the original is wrapped with a layer of the bottom line is, preferably after the line was dismantled and then put the shockproof housing, as this produces a more beautiful, also can not increase the diameter of the bottom.When taking into consideration the installation of a heat - shrinkable sleeve, the sleeve of the upper insulating sleeve, the sleeve and to fishing to flush.And then with 1000 watts or more of the hair dryer in turn gradually heated until the shrinkage of the shrink sleeve to the bottom, and then cutting the excess portion is cut.Direct heating may also be placed over an open fire, but make it quick, before it burns out the bottom.

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